Katherine Dunn

Artist of Apifera Farm; author, Creative Illustration Workshop'

Katherine Dunn has been a full time artist since 1996, and moved from Minneapolis to Oregon in 2002 where she met her landscaper husband. They soon moved to their farm where they raise sheep and grow lavender.

While her early illustration career allowed her to work with clients such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Hallmark and others, it was only after moving to her Apifera Farm where her writing and art merged. Her popular blog posts of illustrated encounters with the creatures of Apifera have won her loyal following and she regularly raises money from her art to help abused donkeys and old animals.

Katherine's first book, Creative Illustration Workshop [Quarry Books, November, 2010] is ranked 3rd in Arts/Photography Books 2010 by the Editors of Amazon. Her paintings are collected internationally and are also showcased on Sundance Online. She is currently working on an illustrated memoir.

Creative Illustration Workshop at Amazon.