Kat Forsythe, MSW

Coach, Speaker, Author

A message from Kat Forsythe, MSW:
I'm a specialist in divorce recovery, and reclaiming your life after catastrophic change. I'm a personal coach, webinar and seminar leader, keynote speaker, author, and therapist. How can I help you? Please feel free to contact me at

For more than 25 years, I've been a change catalyst for people of all flavors and experience, showing them how to bounce back when life punches us down, and then leap forward into the life they want - based on their own strengths. I guide my clients through a 6 step, practical, no-nonsense plan to get them to "Forward"!

My expertise has evolved from a myriad of experience: I've been a personal coach to hundreds of women and men going through divorce; I've been an educator around intimate issues of relationships to men and women after midlife; I've even lived the corporate life for 18 years as an independent sales consultant to some of the biggest names on Wall Street. My proudest achievement is navigating the turbulent waters of parenthood to see my two beautiful daughters become the loving adult women that they are today.

I know the agonizing pain of divorce - the loneliness, the fear, the anxiety. After my own brutal divorce after 33 years of marriage, I struggled ferociously to regain my sense of who I was. I took a deep dive into a very dark and scary abyss before I finally found my way back to sanity. When I could finally think clearly, I decided to refocus my professional life - and devote my background and all my strengths to helping others through the journey of divorce - or any other cataclysmic midlife event - and help her/him develop a practical plan after the gavel comes down - or the career ends - or the passing of a loved one happens.

My online community is alive and well at! Please join us for the support you need - blogs with common sense and humor etched into each one, private coaching, webinars, chat groups, books, ESC support products (Extreme Self Care). Take care of yourself, first - and join us! Register for our monthly inspirational newsletter and get that jolt of encouragement you're searching for.

I'm a graduate of the University of Michigan, grew up in the midwest, and now reside in magnificent San Francisco.

Please visit me at I'd love to hear YOUR story and help in any way I can!
-Kat Forsythe, MSW