Kathi Koll

Founder of the Kathi Koll Foundation, supporting family caregivers in need

The role of the caregiver can be one of the toughest jobs imaginable. That is one of the biggest lessons that Kathi Koll learned during her more than six years as a full-time family caregiver to her husband Don, who suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Kathi became a full-time family caregiver to Don after a catastrophic stroke in 2005 that left him completely paralyzed from the neck down and forced to live on a respirator. She cared for Don for more than six and a half years before his passing in 2011. During her time as a caregiver, Kathi experienced the full spectrum of emotional and practical challenges that many full-time family caregivers face. From learning how to resume a joy-filled life to figuring out the logistics of how to do it, she experienced the full spectrum of challenges that full or part-time caregivers face. The Kathi Koll Foundation is dedicated to providing meaningful support to caregivers in need. The Foundation offers short-term financial subsidies for struggling caregivers, and a community education program geared toward helping people navigate the various challenges that can arise. The Foundation’s goal is to help improve the lives of caregivers and their families.