Kathleen Adams


Kathleen Adams is the co-founder of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen: The Soup Kitchen for the Hip Hop Soul (MHHK), a multifaceted hip hop event designed to showcase women artists, especially women of color. MHHK serves as a social justice community-organizing platform that educates and empowers women of color on issues that impact their lives, including HIV/AIDS and reproductive justice. Kathleen double majored in women’s and urban studies with a concentration in architecture and a minor in environmental policy from Fordham University, where she is currently working on her Masters in Urban Studies.

Kathleen’s passion for combining art, activism, and social justice led her to complete a 6 week 1,800+ mile bike trip from New Orleans to New York City with 10 other women from across the United States for Reproductive Justice.

Kathleen is the recipient of the 2010 “Power of Woman” award from Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio. Kathleen is a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio and currently resides in New York City.

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