Kathleen Buckstaff

author of Get Savvy: Letters to a Teenage Girl about Sex and Love

Kathleen Buckstaff is an award-winning author, columnist, speaker and artist. Her book Get Savvy: Letters to a Teenage Girl about Sex and Love is listed on Amazon as a Hot New Release: #1 in Parenting Teen Girls, #1 in Women’s Sexual Health, #1 in Abuse Self-Help, #1 in Sacred Sexuality, and #1 in Health Teaching Materials. In Get Savvy, Kathleen writes a series of letters to a teenage girl about her own experience with sexual assault at a prestigious New England prep school and what she later learned about predators, sex and love. Throughout Get Savvy, Kathleen weaves in over 60 interviews she’s conducted with college students, recent graduates, healthcare professionals, professors, and self-defense instructors, sharing what she wishes she had known as a teenage girl. Get Savvy contains a journal section with reflection questions and educational material and can be used as a teaching tool to initiate conversations on hard topics for students, parents, counselors and educators. Kathleen has a BA in Creative Writing from Stanford and a MA in Journalism from Stanford. She began her career working as a humor columnist for The Los Angeles Times. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, their three children and their dog, Lily.