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Kathleen Smith, founder of, graduated from Holy Cross in 1990 and Georgetown Law School in 1993. After a year long clerkship, she served as an Assistant Prosecutor in Hudson County, New Jersey for six years. After the birth of her second of three children, Kathleen decided to stop working and stay home. Thirteen years later, when she was ready to re-enter the workforce, she realized just how difficult this transition was going to be. She had to face some unfortunate realities including her lack of confidence, loss of connections and concerns over what she could contribute at this point in her life. Kathleen quickly noticed that she was not alone. There were in fact many women who had found themselves in this very same position. In an effort to figure out what to do, she reached out to other moms for support. After a thorough investigation, she realized a large percentage of these women had actually managed to chart their own course and start over! Kathleen was fascinated by these success stories and decided to chronicle the inspirational stories of these remarkable women in the hopes of helping others to do the same. She named these amazing mothers "morphmoms," women who had made a conscious decision to stay home to raise their children and who then went on to prove that decision did not need to be one that foreclosed options, but could actually open up new possibilities. Women with the vision, creativity and determination to "morph" into something new, something for which there was no real template: women who successfully pursued their life-long aspirations, embarked on new and old careers, started new businesses, pioneered new ways of contributing to society . Armed with just a small handheld video camera, Kathleen began her quest. She initially began interviewing local mothers, who in turn began to refer her to women in similar situations around the country. And before she knew it, the morphmom movement began to pick up speed. Today, after launching her website in December 2012, Kathleen has interviewed over 600 moms from across the country and beyond. Along with the inspirational videos, the site features a portion dedicated to promoting these women and their stories, an interactive social network component which allows moms the opportunity to connect directly with one another, updates on upcoming events, including cocktail parties and classes, as well as links to the Morphmom Moments radio show and Podcast. One-stop shopping - and all from our unique viewpoint! The first place to visit each day with your morning coffee. A single site for the mom searching for something more ….

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