Kathryn Cameron Porter

Founder & President, Leadership Council for Human Rights

Trained as an applied anthropologist with an extensive background in political, cultural and social activism, Kathryn has time and again served as the voice of the voiceless in an effort to bring about positive change in the world.

Founder and President of Leadership Council for Human Rights, Kathryn has dedicated her career to working on critical human rights issues, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. In 1995, Kathryn founded the Human Rights Alliance, an organization which worked to protect and promote the reality of both human rights and human responsibilities throughout the world.

Kathryn was the catalyst for the formation of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus with Congressman John Porter in 1981 after a trip to the Soviet Union. She has testified in Congress multiple times and before various international entities including the UN, European Parliament, OSCE, and Council of Europe. She has served on the boards of a number of national and international organizations, including the National Institute of Mental Health and the United Nations Development Programme.

Kathryn has served as a congressional chief of staff, electoral campaign manager, non-profit executive and consultant, and U.S. presidential political appointee.