Kathy Lynn Harris

Bestselling author, adoptive mama, mountain lover, hater of humidity and rattlesnakes. Addicted to Dr Pepper. See also: Vodka.

Kathy Lynn Harris grew up in South Texas and now lives in a log cabin at the top of a Colorado mountain. She is the author of two Amazon bestselling novels, one of which won a national literary award in 2013. She’s also written children’s books, magazine articles, a nationally recognized online column on mountain living, short stories, essays and award-winning poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous published anthologies, as well. Ice-cold Dr Pepper, good manners, and Texas A&M football are still part of her religion, and according to Buzzfeed and Zimbio, her celebrity lookalikes are Sandra Bullock and Catherine Zeta-Jones (in the curvy years). She blogs at

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