Kátia Abreu

Senator of the Republic through the state of Tocantins, Brazil

Senator of the Republic through the state of Tocantins, Brazil, Kátia Abreu is the president of CNA -- Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil, an entity the brings together 27 state Federations, 2.142 farm unions and more than 1 million producers.

The first woman in the leadership of Brazilian agro-business, a sector that represents 24% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it employees 37% of the work force and generates 36% of the exportations, Kátia Abreu defends the restructuring of Brazilian rural, where it is able to guarantee the security of income to Brazilian producers.

An advocate for the strengtheneing of free enterprise, Kátia Abreu considers indispensable the development in Brazil in infra-structure for transport, especially in ports and waterways. The construction of the country for opportunities for everyone, in her evaluation, makes for a strong market economy and for more investment in education.

“Only education guarantees the independence and the progress of people”, affirms the senator, upon reiterating her support for projects for in Brazil for the implantation of the all day schoolling.

The senator’s fight for a better society and a solid and modern economy includes control of public spending, a reduction of the excess taxation and more just redistribution of resources and functions among cities, states and the federal government.

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