Katie Stoynoff

Higher-ed Administrator, Instructor, and a Follower of All Things Political

Katie Stoynoff is a graduate of The University of Akron. She holds a bachelor’s in human resources (’99) and a master’s in English education (’06). After graduate school, she stayed on at UofA and teaches as a College Lecturer in the English Department, with her entire course load of freshman composition being taught via distance learning. This teaching opportunity gives her a unique perspective on the use of technology in the classroom. Her research interests include academic digital divide, K-12 education issues, and the integration of technology in the classroom. She has presented at the College English Association (CEA) Conference on the topic of effectively teaching writing through distance learning.

When she isn’t reading her students’ writing, or during what she calls the “off-season,” she is the author of the blog Pearls of Political Wisdom, where she focuses on local/national politics and issues of importance to her, such as healthcare, education, and women’s and gay rights. She lives in a suburb of Akron, Ohio with her husband and son.