Katy Blevins

Full-time working single mom to twin toddlers and a teenager. Committed to helping working moms find balance and peace in the busy of life.

As the lead voice behind the blog, Chaos & Kiddos, and the community moderator at Working Moms United, writer Katy Blevins is dedicated to helping working mothers claim a more manageable life as they seek to achieve balance and order in both the professional arena and their home lives.

In between juggling twin toddler boys, a rowdy teenage daughter, a handful of fish, a newly acquired snail, and one rescue pup as a single Mom, Katy also works full time in sales and runs a bustling female portraiture business, Modern Femme, in Virginia Beach, VA.

When she's not elbow-deep in kiddo crazy, you can find her behind the camera or teaching basic photography, small business and social media management at The Hampton Roads Creative. She also co-owns The Studio Hampton Roads, a modern studio setting that offers creative and professional working space for local artists, photographers and small business owners.