Katy MacKinnon Hansell

Founder of www.CoachYourself.com and www.KatyHansell.com; Executive Coach; Career Coach; Leadership Coach; TEDx & Motivational Speaker.

Katy MacKinnon Hansell is the Founder of www.CoachYourself.com and www.KatyHansell.com. She is an Executive, Career and Leadership Coach and a TEDx and Motivational Speaker. Katy specializes in getting people unstuck which is also the title of her TEDx talk, "Getting Unstuck in Work and In Life." Katy believes in creating momentum to our goals for our lives by taking small concrete action every day and by learning to cultivate resilience, agency and focus. Katy believes it is never too late for you to change your life to meet your aspirations and that you are far more powerful than you think. She is a certified coach and has been practicing for many years. Katy is launching the first few Kindle digital books in her series www.CoachYourself.com in the next few months in 2016 to help you "Tame Your Inner Critic and Empower Your Inner Coach." She would love to hear from you and hopes you will subscribe to the www.CoachYourself.com blog to be part of the online community created after the book series launches. Katy has been married for 19 years and has three sons ages 17, 15, and 12 and four rescue cats. She lives in a suburb north of Chicago and aspires to be a slam poet and a Shotokan karate black belt. Don't be afraid to live the life of your dreams and take one action each day to make it happen!