Kayla Skipper

Writer at Diamonds and Dreams: The Visionary Blog

As a young adult preparing for the transition into the “real world”, Kayla Skipper was faced with making the decision that many individuals have had to make at this particular stage in life- deciding whether to settle for a job and lifestyle that may not be ideal in order to make ends meet or take a chance and pursue the dreams and life that so many truly desire. Although many may see this as an obvious, almost inevitable decision, Kayla strongly believed that it is not unrealistic or risky to pursue a desired lifestyle.

After graduating from college in December of 2014, Kayla decided to pursue her dreams and launched a blog, Diamonds and Dreams: The Visionary Blog. Diamonds and Dreams was created as a way for Kayla to use her experiences following her dreams to provide others with strategies for success and a sense of empowerment that they could apply to their own lives and dreams. She hopes to continue to build the Diamonds and Dreams brand, write her own books, and give motivational speeches all over the country. Kayla currently works as an Enrichment Instructor for the youth of the Syracuse City School District. She loves working with children, spending time with her friends, family and boyfriend, and traveling. She thanks her parents, brother, and boyfriend for their support, and thanks God for all of his blessings.

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