Azzedine Downes

President & CEO International Fund for Animal Welfare

As President and CEO, Azzedine Downes is responsible for the strategic vision that guides International Fund for Animal Welfare’s contribution to a standard for conservation and animal welfare worldwide. With more than 25 years working in the conservation space, he is known for finding innovative solutions to the most pressing animal welfare issues working with local communities and addressing human needs first in the process. He has recently received accolades from the Non Profit Times, Fast Company and Rodale Inc. Last year he served as the Executive Producer on two important animal documentaries – both airing on the Discovery Channel. Sonic Sea narrated by actress Rachel McAdams highlights the impact of ocean noise on whales and other marine animals and offers solutions to fix the problem and Huntwatch narrated by Ryan Reynolds follows the 50 year history of Canada’s commercial seal hunt. Downes is currently spearheading an innovative project in East Africa to save elephants, rhinos and other wildlife by creating a military intelligence enforcement network called tenBoma that stops poachers before they attack.