Kelly Peeler

Founder & CEO of, the College Money Mentor, which provides free financial aid and student loan help over text message.

Kelly Peeler is the Founder and CEO of NextGenVest, the College Money Mentor for every student. Since its recent inception, NextGenVest has launched a free text message service to help students navigate the financial aid and student loan application process. Kelly has always been interested in empowering young people and while at Harvard started Business Across Borders, a non profit that helps Iraqi students rebuild their own economy by starting their own companies and the International Women in Business Summit, bringing together top female college leaders. After college, she worked at JPMorgan covering financial institutions in the investment bank and also as a financial advisor in asset management. She was selected as one of the eight Kauffman Foundation Global Scholars, named by Goldman Sachs as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, and a named a White House #StartTheSpark Ambassador. Her TED Talk is called "How to Change the World as a Millennial - Don't be Stupid with Money".