Kelly Benamati

Kelly is a Holistic Health & Family Solutions Expert, Behavioral Specialist, Preventative Health Educator, Author, Regular HuffPost Blogger and a Holistic Ambassador. She also has her own global blog The Power of You - Blog on Facebook

Kelly is Holistic Health & Family Solutions Expert as well as a Behavioral Specialist. She will help you change your life one smart proactive decision at at time. She is the founder of Solutions A to Z and has written four books and two guides - being sold on Amazon. She is a regular HuffPost Blogger, a contributing expert at and a featured coach and writer/blogger at She is an Integrative Medicine Educator that uses a Holistic approach to healing and wellness. She believes love and prayers change absolutely everything. She counsels women with alcohol and addiction issues while using the 12 step protocol. She is the founder and global blogger at The Power of You - Blog on Facebook. She has a Protecting God's Children Certificate and is also a member of PAAO - Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. She has Alzheimer's training and possess two college degrees specializing in the studies of Child Development, Family Studies, Behavioral Sciences and Clinical Psychology and graduated with honors. You can email her at or her business number is 336.430.7569. She is also on Instagram at KellyMasterOfLife as well as YouTube - Kelly Benamati and looks forward to changing your life and perspective in smart, simple yet powerful ways!!