Ken Berger

President & CEO, Charity Navigator

Ken Berger joined Charity Navigator in 2008 after almost thirty years experience working in the charitable non-profit sector. He has held leadership positions at a variety of human service and health care agencies, both large and small, and has operated programs serving the homeless, the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill, substance abusers, the medically underserved, and persons with HIV/AIDS, among many others.

Most recently, Ken was a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jawonio and earlier in his career Director of Operations at Professional Service Centers for the Handicapped, in both positions he oversaw residential, educational, employment, clinical and health care service to individuals with disabilities and special needs. Prior to Jawonio, Ken was the Executive Vice President & COO and then the President & Chief Executive Officer of The Floating Hospital, an agency that provided health care, social services and education to disadvantaged, lower income or at risk adults, children and families across New York City. Ken also held several leadership positions at Volunteers of America-Greater New York and the Morris Shelter managing a wide array of services to thousands of homeless families and individuals.

Ken has a deep passion for helping donors become wise givers by learning to make intelligent social investments in high impact nonprofits. He also has a deep interest in encouraging charitable non-profits to excel and thrive even in challenging times. He is a regular presenter at conferences on both the domestic and international stage, is frequently interviewed by both regional and national media on nonprofit issues and has published a number of papers on issues affecting the sector's effectiveness. He is the author of Ken's Commentary, a blog about the non-profit sector. Ken earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Buffalo. He went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University. He is currently on the Board of Rutgers Business School's Institute for Ethical Leadership.