Kenneth Robinson

Terrorism and National Security Expert

Ken is an internationally recognized expert in terrorism and national security with 30 years of experience in Special Forces, Special Mission Units and the U.S. Intelligence Community. He is a renowned authority in crisis and consequence management and runs two unique corporations where his leadership has provided invaluable “on-the-ground” experience.

Ken’s global expertise led to a continued, decades-long role in journalism as a combat reporter in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and as the Senior Terrorism and National Security Analyst for CNN. He was honored for his years of senior military service as the recipient of the Military Intelligence Corps Association Knowlton Award, and he is a 2004 inductee into the National Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

Ken is the Vice Chairman of Threat Deterrence, a global Solutions problem-solving organization which handles challenges as diverse as Cyber, social networking, energy, security, critical infrastructure protection and disruptive telecommunications innovations for the developing world. Additionally, Ken is the President of RKI, Inc., and is a sought after creative executive producer, firmly established in the entertainment industry in both television and motion pictures. He has written and executive produced prime-time television programming for NBC, as creator of the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama E-Ring, and for virtual and reality-based interactive software solutions for the military intelligence community.