Kerrin Black

Publicist, Entrepreneur , Philanthropist

Kerrin Black is a passionate, driven individual and believes in the speed of implementation. Her interests in business started at a young age growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. School was never her strong suit, like so many entrepreneurs, but it has never held her back from working towards and creating her vision. Kerrin Black works with phenomenal, well known and talented individuals daily and her vision is to build an empire that can show the world that anything is possible if you just take massive action and never, never quit. Through her never-ending drive to add value back to the world around her – she has graced the pages of Entrepreneur Magazine SA (March 2014), O Magazine (SA) in June 2012 and March 2010 and been acknowledged for her efforts. At age 21 she left South Africa, travelling to several different countries (which is another of her passions) in pursuit of her vision, but came back to South Africa 8 months later and went on to start her non-profit – Faces of Hope Foundation which seeks to raise funds for select cancer patients to help in meeting basic financial costs to cover their debilitating treatment. This is very close to her heart as it was inspired by two of her friends and her grandparents that were diagnosed with cancer. From her love of everything to do with entertainment, be it music, film, sports or natural born talent – she wanted to provide a user friendly platform for people to succeed and thus Talent Finders was born. Kerrin Black models her work ethic and entrepreneurship on some of the world’s greatest public figures like Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Sara Blakely, Elon Musk, Kelsey Ramsden, Steve Wozniak and most recently Michelle Mone OBE. She has absolute belief in the power of coaching and makes sure that she is coached by the top coaches in their field in the world. ‘I truly believe in making a difference in the world no matter how big or small and have a passion for people and creating change. To me being an entrepreneur is not just about having a vision or great idea – it’s about taking those ideas, actioning them and turning them into success stories.’ Welcome to my life. Please browse through the various links on the website to see exactly what I am involved in and what’s happening in my life currently.