Kerry Magro

Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Autism Entertainment Consultant, Autism Advocate & Anti-Bullying Activist

Kerry Magro, is an award-winning disability advocate, best-selling author of 2 books (Defining Autism From The Heart, Autism and Falling in Love), movie consultant of 2 autism films (Joyful Noise, Jane Wants A Boyfriend) and a non-profit founder that has given over 50 scholarships for students with autism to attend college. Magro was completely non-verbal until the age of two and a half and was diagnosed with autism at 4-years-old. These days, Magro travels around the country as an international motivational speaker and disability advocate. His speeches have included two TEDx Talks. In 2014, he received accreditation from the National Speakers Association as one of the only professionally certified speakers with autism in the country. In the past 7 years Magro has spoken at more than 785 events about his journey on the autism spectrum. Those speaking engagements led to a stint in TV hosting his own local cable show called the "Different is Beautiful Show," which focuses on people who overcome adversity.