Kevin Dolan

Co-founder and co-head of strategy, (We Are) #GayPropaganda

Kevin Dolan, a New Jersey native, grew up just outside New York City until relocating to beautiful Boulder, Colo., to pursue a double major in marketing and being a ski bum. During his four years in Colorado, his interest in marketing evolved more specifically into a love for advertising and electronic music. He stole a bit of ski time as he took up internships that were primarily focused on strategy for Victors & Spoils, the world's first ad agency built on crowdsourcing principles, and, the leading online provider of electronic music, and subsequently Beatport's world-class Beta Nightclub. Upon graduation, Kevin relocated to Los Angeles to take a job with TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Apple's ad agency, to strategically guide creative on product launches like iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone 5. After three years in the agency world, Kevin left Media Arts Lab to join the brands team at theAudience, a stealthy celeb-driven social media startup co-founded by Sean Parker, Ari Emmanuel, and Oliver Luckett. In July 2013 Kevin became the co-founder and co-head of strategy for (We Are) #GayPropaganda, in tandem with a team of brilliant individuals with varying skill sets, in an effort capture the conversations happening across social media, particularly around Russia, in an effort to educate, comfort, and support international LGBT communities and their allies facing degradation and violence.

February 2, 2016

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