Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan, Founder of the Healing Stigma Program

Kevin Hogan is a thought leader on stigmatization, healing stigma, and identity repair. He provides individuals, communities, and organizations with the guidance they need to overcome a range of stigmas including obesity, body image, mental illness, disability, sexual orientation, and more. As the founder of The Healing Stigma Program, Kevin has contributed his expertise to numerous events, including weight management and health summits, community leadership events, LGBTQIA conferences, and more. A survivor of extreme high-profile stigmatization, Kevin is an authority on the subject of healing stigma.  For years an inspiring high school English instructor, his life irrevocably changed after an international news story branded him "The Porn Star Teacher." During the difficult time that followed, he learned first-hand just how devastating the effects of stigma could be for individuals, families, companies, and communities. And while numerous organizations are dedicated to raising awareness about various forms of stigma, he couldn't find a single one that helped victims of stigma heal. ​ So Kevin put his two decades of educational experience and curriculum development to work for himself and other victims of stigmatization. The result is The Healing Stigma Program: a comprehensive, step-by-step, and practical program that promotes healing and identity repair across almost all forms of stigma. Learn more about the program at Kevin is also a radio show host, blogger, Lambda Literary Awards Finalist, and an LGBTQIA advocate. He’s currently co-authoring the book "Healing Stigma: A Survivor's Guide to Repairing Identity in the Internet Age" with Dr. Galatzer-Levy. Follow him on Twitter @HealingStigma.