KF Seetoh

Founder of Makansutra

KF Seetoh is the founder of Makansutra, since 1997, it kicks back, sits and gets down on all the tangible and intangible wonders of comfort and street food culture. It inks regional street food guides, manages and consults on Asian food court operations, produces his TV show on TLC, build smart phone apps and conducts foodie events. They are based in Singapore.

Back to regular programming... As a photojournalist, Seetoh seeks to tell the most fascinating story about the common man’s food culture -- one well loved by many and not hindered by race, religion and certainly not politics. He tells it like it is… that every platter of authentic offering is a portal into someone’s life and heritage. He has presented at the Aspen Food Festival, the Culinary Institute of America, cooked laksa for Martha Stewart, got an aiudience to jeer Bourdain cos’ he never had chicken rice prior to meeting Seetoh and accorded a special “food ambassador” award by Singapore’s President.

Can good food taste meaningful as well, yes, he says, just enjoy the food and digest the culture and remember, there are only two types of food in this world… everything else in branding and nonsense.

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