Kevin Folta

Public Scientist, Researcher, Science Communicator, Funny Guy

Kevin M. Folta is a Professor and researcher in plant molecular biology that specializes in science communication. He actively teaches science communication to scientists and farmers, and offers science-based discussions on controversial topics with a curious and concerned public. He also writes articles for non-scientific venues, including humorous work. His laboratory examines fundamental light signal transduction and its application as an effective non-chemical control of plant growth, metabolism, development, and nutrient content with focus on high-value crop traits. His group also uses genomics approaches to identify novel genes that control important traits (such as flavor and disease resistance) in small fruits. He has been recognized with awards for research, communications, undergraduate mentoring and postdoctoral advising. BS/MS Northern Illinois University 1989/1992, Ph.D. from the Laboratory for Molecular Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998. Kevin hates referring to himself in the third person.