Khadijah Abdullah

Muslim. Wife. Mother. HIV/AIDS Activist. Entrepreneur. Thinker.

Khadijah Abdullah is the founder of RAHMA and Muslim Nannies. Khadijah became passionate about HIV/AIDS in college when she learned a friend was HIV positive. Aware of her own ignorance, Khadijah organized the first AIDS Awareness week on her campus. Since then Khadijah has volunteered at several AIDS related organizations and started RAHMA in 2012 as a result of the lack of discussion on HIV/AIDS and support of HIV+ individuals in the Muslim community. Since then, Khadijah has traveled across the country speaking at conferences, engaging stakeholders and bringing a voice to stigmatizing issues that have been buried deep in the Muslim community. In 2014, Khadijah was honored at the White House for her achievements at an event called "Beyond the Ceiling: Groundbreaking Voices of American Muslim Women" - in celebration of Women's History Month. Khadijah breathes and lives through her passions and dedicates her life to serving America’s most vulnerable populations. Khadijah started Muslim Nannies as she realized the need to connect Muslim caregivers with Muslim families. As a former nanny, Khadijah was frequently approached by Muslim families seeking out recommendations for Muslim caregivers. Learn more about RAHMA at and Muslim Nannies at