Shahla Khan

Human centered Learning~ HR champion |Corporate learning strategist | Women's leadership advocate | Author | Speaker | Founder Vincii

Shahla Khan is a human potential amplifier; a corporate learning strategist & women's leadership advocate. To this end, she speaks, writes & does everything in between to engage with independent startup owners & industry managers. She is the founder of Course Makeovers (™) , the inventor of Human Centered Learning Roadmap ® {VINCII} and author of seven nonfiction books. She has been published in various stellar publications including the Telegraph UK, Times of India, Cardiff Times and the Everyday Power Blog. She is a vocal advocate for women's leadership and speaks at like minded events on business, HR and training related topics. Her background is in business; she holds an MBA and is currently ending her PhD in Innovative Corporate Learning alongside turning her thesis into a startup. She can be followed on Twitter & Facebook or her website .