Kiki Schirr

Freelance startup marketer with a side-hustle: Tech Doodles!

In 2013, Kiki helped found a startup called Fittr--the no "e" trend was still big that year. Fittr joined a Tampa-based accelerator and released a popular iOS fitness app. However, Fittr ultimately ran out of money before it hit that holy-grail-hockey-stick of growth. As their never-that-full-to-begin-with bank account dwindled to nothing, Kiki turned to drawing cartoons she called "Tech Doodles" to lighten the mood. Her doodles ranged in topic, covering what it was like to be a woman in tech, to be bootstrapping-broke, and to feel the stirrings of startup despair--all with a light-hearted sense of humor. In 2016 Kiki dusted herself off and moved to San Francisco to be closer to the heart of technology. There, she started marketing freelancing to make rent on her basement apartment, and after a few months she resumed Doodling.

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