Kim Evans

Author of Cleaning Up! The Ultimate Body Cleanse.

Kim Evans is the author of Cleaning Up! and the creator of The Cleaning Up! Cleanse, a powerful body cleanse that addresses deep levels of toxicity throughout the body and a common fungal problem, candida overgrowth. Kim believes that toxicity in the body is at the root of most all disease and impacts us in ways spiritually that perhaps defies current spiritual understanding. She also believes that most disease can be permanently removed from the body with deep body cleansing, upgrading your on-going diet and consciously avoiding common toxicity sources.

Kim has spent thousands of hours researching, studying, cleansing and experimenting with different cleansing techniques and has eliminated more than a dozen problems in her own body - including several problems that medical doctors had no solutions for. She’s given people information that when they applied it, eliminated their health problems and had medical doctors adding years to their life expectancy - in addition to asking what they were doing so they could pass the information along to their patients because they had “never seen anything like it.”

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