Kimmie Conner

Travel & Festival Blogger . Serial Expat . Mermaid . Backpacker . Adventurer . Photographer . Sunset Chaser

My name is Kimmie Conner, travel blogger behind the blog 'Adventures & Sunsets.' I was born and raised in California to a pilot father and a flight attendant mother. I like to say that I’ve had travel in my blood from the start! My two favorite things are adventures & sunsets - and although I am a big traveler and am constantly on the move, these two things can be enjoyed no matter where in the world you are. I'm a big advocate of always appreciating the place where you are and finding overlooked beauty even in the repetitive and mundane, so although A&S focuses on travel it also highlights the importance of always being happy in the present. For the past two years I have been working and traveling around the world, starting off in London for half a year, and moving on to two seasons tour guiding in the seas of Croatia.To summarize very quickly, I've traveled through some of Southeast Asia and Australia, lived in Sydney, lived in the remote country of Western Australia, spent two months in Africa, and am heading to another season in Croatia and South America next. I have been working through all my travels and am hoping to shift more fully to the digital nomad lifestyle in the coming year. You can find me on instagram @kimmconn and on Facebook at Adventures & Sunsets. I would love to have you along for my crazy journey and answer any questions you may have!