Kimberly Erin Davies

Wanderlusty world traveler, travel blogger/influencer, gymnast, marathon runner, coffee addict, dachshund lover

Hey, I’m Kim, born and raised in Canada but with a spirit meant for the world. I grew up being taught that travel is education in a less formal environment and have since been doing my best to practice this belief. After spending a year abroad in University, I have dedicated my life to wandering freely, learning different ways of life, and seeing the natural and structural beauty this world has to offer.

I have spent the past few years living and exploring the world as a solo female traveler, wandering from Patagonia to El Salvador to Norway and Sweden, bound to see it all. During the last 2 years I have learned Spanish, summited major mountains, enjoyed multi-day treks, surfed, flew, and scuba dived. Needless to say, I am a girl with many stories to be told.

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