Jeremiah Kimbugwe

24-year-old social worker from Uganda

Jeremiah Kimbugwe is from Uganda and he is 24 years old. He is a social worker with a degree in social development and an honoree of YSA. He works with the nonprofit organization, Sovhen Uganda.

After graduating from university, Ugandan youth emerge into a country that is struggling. The country is faced with a population that lacks adequate healthcare, education and economic opportunity. The needs are boundless. But so is the strength in the communities. Throughout Jeremiah's life, he has seen the resilience and ingenuity of the people of Uganda. These people are the source of his inspiration.

With a joint focus on girls’ education and income generation, his current project is locally producing affordable sanitary pads. The initiative improves female school attendance, combats high drop-out rates and provides employment opportunities for local women. Keeping girls in school is crucial for the future strength of the country. And the jobs they create not only generate income but also focus on training the women to be entrepreneurs themselves. Jeremiah believes that capacity-building is at the foundation of successful development. He wants to empower Ugandans, give them a voice and allow their energy to work towards a better future. With small steps, humility and a strong belief in his peers, Jeremiah believes that he is starting to build stronger, more stable communities.

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