Kirill Chekanov

Tech entrepreneur, contributor to "2BillionUnder20"

Kirill co-founded Chill- a fast way to communicate for the wearable generation in early 2014 and is one of the 75 authors of 2 Billion Under 20- a bestselling book about 75 most successful Millenials from all around the world (under 20 y.o.).

Previously Kirill served as EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at Chinaccelerator and was a founder at Hippflow- an investor relations tool that helped optimise communication between investors and startup founders.

Hippflow was the first company in Russia to develop a Google Glass app - ( and also Kirill’s first venture funded company where he raised $100k with a $1m valuation.

Kirill’s first business (founded at the age of 14) was an HR company where Kirill connected undergraduates to local startup companies.

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