Kirsten Fox

Wines to Pair With Life - Musings of an Executive Sommelier

Kirsten Fox is an executive sommelier, entrepreneur, and mother who brings a unique perspective to pairing wines with life. She started her relationship with wine while in college in Nashville. At the time, she was a server in a casual restaurant, and as with many Hollywood movies, the start of the romance was rocky. Whenever a guest would order a bottle of wine, she would launch into an invented story about Dolly Parton's favorite mixed drink to entice people into changing their orders. She knew she was being deceitful, but the guilt was preferable to the terror of uncorking a bottle in front of them. Fast forward the movie 20 years and, perhaps as atonement, she now teaches servers how to talk about wine, pair wine with food and open wine bottles confidently. She opens Culinary Wine Institute and to show her loyalty to the her relationship with wine, she even writes a book called The Profitable Wine List: Three Steps to Quickly and Easily Increase Wine Sales. After getting breast cancer in 2014, she opens a company called Uplift Gift, a trustworthy source of meaningful gifts to give loved ones going through life's challenges - divorce, pet loss, apologies, cancer, sympathy, motivation - which optionally include her hand-selected wines. She also owns Fox School of Wine in Park City, Utah, offering educational happy hour to locals and visitors. As life's movie rolls, from restaurants, to laundry, to waxing, to cancer, her first question is always, "What wine would I pair with this?..." Grab a glass and laugh with Kirsten.