Kirsten Asher

Creator of FEMethod

FEMethod Rejuvenation Series is designed to open up your creativity and ignite your feminine, sensual energy while helping you balance the intricacies of life. Through a unique and holistic approach of dance, movement, intention and other breakthrough exercises you’ll gain clarity and become more empowered in each of the 9 Principles of Life including: Career, Health, Relationships, Beliefs, Femininity, Adventure, Community, Family and Finances. There are things in life we must do and there are things in life we choose to do. So often, especially in these times, women are stepping into their masculine energy and staying there. With their career, finances and family at the forefront women are taking on the more assertive, independent and aggressive role. It's great to flow in and out of that masculinity but when you live there things become very linear and you disconnect from your feminine energy, which is creative and flow oriented.