Kitty Colbert

Disabled. Former youth worker. Volunteer suicide intervention officer. Charity artist. Write mostly about life with disability and chronic pain.

30-ish (shush!), Irish, disability blogger []. "Baby cripple"/ mini cripple, as becoming disabled was gradual for me and I'm still getting used to seeing myself as such... As a child I was "wonky"/ had bad hips, poor coordination, but a real diagnoses wasn't made until adulthood. So slipped through the gaps somewhat, like many people with EDS. Part of the wave of the disabled community who wish to take the term "cripple" back and use it as a positive. * Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobile type (hEDS) * Hip Dysplasia (untreated at birth) * Dysautonomia * Hiatal Hernia/ GERD ...And counting. Founder of #IrishPainies [], a support network for those residing in Ireland and suffering from chronic, physical pain. Writing mostly about life with chronic illness, pain and disability. Sarcasm is my therapy.

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