Katie Karambelas

I’m a twenty-something woman navigating my passions for writing, traveling, & raising a family.

Hi, I'm Katie. I like to write. A lot. I write proposals for clinical trials by day and fiction for my MFA program by night. Oh, and I blog in-between. I'm the one who feeds the kid since he's 4 and can't do it himself, plus he acts drunk 75% of the time. I also feed the parasite in my belly. They say it's a baby but I'm still not so sure. My fiance thinks I'm a bit crazy. But so does 99% of the world. I'm an over-sharer with a big heart. I tell it like it is, no sugar coating required. I write about my struggles and triumphs of raising my son, pregnancy (baby #2 due in September), finding time to travel, dealing with the loss of my mom, and anything else that seems to crop up in this crazy journey called life. You can keep up with my stories at