Kristen Knepper

I am an attorney and diversity & inclusion specialist, helping organizations recruit, retain, and promote a diverse workforce, which increases company profits.

Kristen Knepper is the Founder and CEO of Kristen Knepper Consulting, a professional development firm specializing in diversity & inclusion. She consults on human resource policy, and facilitates workshops on gender inclusion, subconscious bias, millennial development, team communication, sexual harassment prevention, women’s leadership, and women’s leadership for men. A former litigator, Kristen served both Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Senator Debbie Stabenow, advising on a variety of policy issues while perfecting her negotiation and mediation skills. She managed Senator Kennedy’s elite Washington DC internship program, and spent ten years with Thomson Reuters, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and creating inclusive, high-performing teams. As founder of Kristen Knepper Consulting, her mission is to help organizations retain and engage the talent of the modern workforce, while assisting individuals in recognizing and articulating their own value. Kristen is the creator of “Work. Like A Girl," a series of online courses for women on career and leadership. She serves as a board member of the San Diego chapter of Girls in Tech, and as adjunct faculty at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Learn more at