Kristie Notto

Tribe Building Expert, host of Be Legendary podcast, author of "Ignite your Impact", and founder of

After facing early stages of cancer, Kristie Notto experienced miraculous healing and is now cancer free! Since then, Kristie has vowed to live intentionally and make a difference.  Her life mission to to inspire and empower entrepreneurs with life changing messages.Today, Kristie is known as The Tribe Building Expert for Entrepreneur Activists and is founder of and the host of the Be Legendary show.. She is the author of the book "Ignite your Impact: How Entrepreneurs Can Share Their Light and Love to Transform the World." reveals how heart-centered entrepreneurs can boost their influence, impact and income. Kristie is transforming the way leading experts share their message with her proven AWESOME system, a series of 7 strategies that every thought leader needs to build a tribe, incite a movement, and spark worldwide change. Visit her at