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My lifetime of physical fitness began at 5 years old with swimming, ballet, gymnastics and figure skating. It was competitive figure skating that emerged as my main training focus. Along with skating; ballet, weight training, Pilates, track and field and other various sorts of off-ice conditioning disciplines were practiced for the sake of honing my skating skills. This method of training taught me two things. One: the more well rounded my training was the better overall athlete I became thus getting me to my specific goal (being a better figure skater) much faster. Two: varying my disciplines and workouts made training much more exciting and therefore it was easier to stick with.<br /> <br /> My exercise philosophy is to mix various modes of training in a week to get to a person’s goal. I believe that this is the most efficient, effective and exciting way to go about it. I teach a mix of Pilates, strength training, cardio training, yoga and boxing to my clients in a week. I constantly vary the formula to fit the needs of each person as the need varies. This is what works for me in my fitness, and this is what works for my clients in theirs. Competing in a high level sport at an early age set the stage for my drive and abilities. I went from a being an ice skating instructor, to owning Pilates studios in San Francisco and Los Angeles where I would use Pilates as my main discipline but still teach a mixture of training styles. From owning studios I went to forming my own fitness company called The Daily Trainer™. The mission of The Daily Trainer™ is to make my training style and philosophy as accessible to as many people as possible.<br /> <br /> In additional to The Daily Trainer™ I am also co-creator of M-TRAIN, a mobile fitness app for the iPhone and iPod touch. M-TRAIN uses a training style called PASE. It mixes power, agility, strength, and endurance for an extremely effective and exciting way to stay fit and reach one’s goals.<br /> <br /> I have never stopped exercising in one form or another. Training has kept me grounded through life's ups and downs. Sticking with working out also gives me a better sense of balance and overall happiness then if I were not doing it. <br /> <br /> For more from Kristin please visit <a href="" target="_hplink"></a>

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