Kristin Sloan

Partner, JaegerSloan Inc

KRISTIN SLOAN is co-founder of JaegerSloan Inc, a creative studio that specializes in helping companies leverage modern technologies to tell stories, connect with audiences and create unique experiences. She is also co-founder of JS55 Gallery, a small gallery and retail space exploring art, design and technology that reshape perceptions of everyday life.

A former dancer with the New York City Ballet, Sloan has a strong connection to the arts, and an innate appreciation for those who are passionate and dedicated to what they do. Sloan's passion for art and technology led her to create The Winger, a website where over 30 dancers, choreographers, teachers, and experts write about their experiences as a part of the dance world. Sloan’s work on The Winger was featured in a national television commercial for Apple’s original iPhone.

In 2007 Sloan created the position of Director, New Media at New York City Ballet, where she was responsible for video content strategy and production, social media strategy, and future new media initiatives. She left NYCB in 2009 to start a video production company, which is now a component of JaegerSloan Inc.