Kristin Swarcheck, M.Ed., CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Expert

I love what I do! I help leaders BLAZE their most powerful trail by unleashing their "whole" selves and igniting their authentic self and spirit. Our spirit governs all areas of life - including your business - and the leaders who are ready to thrive are willing to activate this sixth sense. With over 15 years' experience assisting senior executives in the execution of their strategic plans and organizational development initiatives, I have had an exciting career of high impact performance consulting. Through my Executive Coaching endeavors, I have helped leaders to tap into their all-knowing source (their spirit) and take flight in their life and careers. I have walked hundreds of leaders through a powerful, inside-out transformation process that unveils their most powerful expression of themselves. This involves peeling away the superficial, external armor layer by layer to reveal their internal moral compass, which frees them to lead from their highest source of wisdom. My own personal journey to become mindful included 2 years of extensive research on the topic of what it takes to lead authentically and from one's "whole" self. I have restructured my consulting and coaching business around mindfulness and True North leadership principles and a step-by-step process for helping my clients authentically rise to new levels of success and thrive both personally and professionally. I am deeply humbled to be leading a life of purpose + service. This is powerful stuff and it's no coincidence that you are here. Lean in to the magic...

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