Kristin Wilson Keppler

Kristin Wilson Keppler, known as Kate at Rants from MommyLand is mom to the three Indoor Homeless People, so named because they don't have jobs, beg her for food and money, are frequently unbathed, rarely brush their teeth, and prefer clothing that is dirty, ripped or otherwise stained. She's been married twice, though not at the same time -- because that's illegal -- and lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC. She's also the "mom" of a geriatric, gimpy beagle named Gipper, who's monthly medication regimen costs as much as her much beloved Jimmy Choos.

In addition to her very glamorous home life, most of which includes waiting like Pavlov’s dog for the dryer to buzz, she works part-time as a television producer for the BBC. Being the daughter of a native Scotsman, one would think she would mesh well with their upper-crust sensibilities. One would think wrong. Amazingly, she tends to talk very little when she’s at work; a quality she more than makes up for the moment she gets home.

Her Scottish and Swedish parents apparently thought it would be funny to raise her and her sister in the west Texas border city of El Paso. Which means she can shoot something and then tell you all about it over tea. She earned her BA in History from the University of Missouri. And, though she learned about all the fabulous mistakes made throughout the centuries, none of that knowledge prevents her from making her own spectacular parenting and professional blunders. Like the fact that her kids know way too much about politics, and her bosses know way too much about her kids.