Kristina Kaine


My blogs explore the meaning behind the words used in the Bible, focusing mostly on the New Testament, which was originally written in Koine or common Greek spoken 2,000 years ago. Exploring these words often reveals how the English words chosen by the translators can actually obscure the true meaning. I call myself an esoteric author because the word esoteric refers to the inner meaning, the information that can be found beneath the surface if we only look and then think energetically. [Greek esterikos, from ester, comparative of es, within - inner. When I was 10 years old I was given my first Bible. It was a beautiful leather bound King James version, a requirement of the school that I was attending. It had my initials engraved on the front cover and it looked very impressive. I made a resolution to read it from cover to cover. Half way through Genesis chapter 1 I closed the cover and resolved to read it when I could understand what was actually being said. Twenty three years later I met Reverend Mario Schoenmaker, a minister and theologian, who taught what he called Bible Metaphysics. For fourteen years until his death, I listened to his sermons and lectures opening up a new world for me. The 10 year old’s resolution now became possible. I also study the works of the founder of Anthroposophy, Dr Rudolph Steiner. Rev Mario would draw on his ideas about Esoteric* Christology giving new and deeper perspectives. *Esoteric means hidden beneath the surface. Several years after Rev Mario's death I began writing short reflections, exploring themes from the Gospel of St John. Then, each week from April 2006, I explored The Revelation to John. In the introduction I say, "The Revelation to John can be shown to describe how human beings are becoming more consciousness, because their consciousness is changing." I write every week for my various blogs. My method of unlocking the Bible brings it to life in ways that sometimes surprise me as well. It is never my intention to be definitive; in my experience definitions hide true meanings. I always hope that my blogs inspire my readers to have their own new ideas. My writing is published in ebook and paperback format available on Amazon

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