Kurt Forman

Artist, Filmmaker, Movie Fan

Kurt Forman is an artist who lives and works in Pasadena, California. He has an MA in Art History from the University of California, Riverside, where he studied with Amelia Jones. He has an MFA in painting from Art Center College of design where he studied with Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe.

He teaches Humanities through the Arts in the Social Sciences Division at Pasadena City College. His course focuses on the uncanny popularity of Science Fiction and Horror films in the American Cinema. His class has recently included the study of Vampires, as an emergent trend in American popular culture embodied by such cult phenomenon of Twilight, True Blood, and Let The Right In. His notes are currently being edited to form a book on contemporary American Sci-Fi and Horror films tentatively called Dead Memes.

Kurt has just finished a short Horror film called Cannibal Cult Holocaust that is currently in postproduction.


Cannibal Cult Holocaust is a top secret Homeland Security codename for video footage reconstructed from the archives of a Los Angeles journalist named Camelia Via Lobos, who was brutally murdered while investigating a mysterious underground cult called “The Eye!”

Kurt is currently in pre-production on a short Science Fiction film called Corridor 12: The Menace of the Mothman!

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