Kyrié S. Carpenter

Life Coach and Crone-in-training✨ Exploring aging and dementia as a resource for bettering humanity.

Kyrié’s joie de vie and curiosity are infectious. She has a passion for story; from myths and fairy tales to the ones we each have the opportunity to write each day. This love lead her to study integral coaching and depth psychology. 'Psychology' etymologically speaking means the study of soul. For Kyrié this means finding and tending to the soulful in everyday life. Kyrié is also an advocate for a graceful aging ideology and views crises (quarter-life, mid-life and eldership) as opportunities for embracing who we innately are. She believes the aging process facilitates personal development. She currently does work as a life coach, speaker, writer and is a non-fiction theater performer in Dr. Bill Thomas' ChangingAging Tour.

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