Lisa Arie

Co-Founder of Vista Caballo. LLC

Lisa Arie's Mission Is To Transform The People Who Are Transforming The Planet Lisa Arie takes no prisoners. She has launched two multi-multimillion dollar companies, was a creative all-star, spent a life growing up in Singapore, South Africa, and London. The most amazing thing about her life is that all roads have led her to a 160-acre ranch in Dove Creek, Colorado. You learn this backstory as she introduces you to her herd of horses grazing on her Vista Caballo ranch. But even as she is nuzzled by friendly noses, she is clear on the point that she is no horse whisperer. When Fast Company interviewed her last year, they dubbed her “the CEO whisperer”. Here’s the rest of the story. As she works with CEOs and other top performers, the herd becomes more totem than saddle: evidence of our primal instincts in action as Lisa Arie pursues her mission to transform the people who are transforming the planet. She points out that most people use only one of our seven different human intelligence systems. Thanks to Arie's method (which is based not just in philosophy, but in science) this is new territory that doesn't take years to find—instead, it can be discovered in minutes. No weeks, months, or years in coaching or leadership development. After just a few minutes of explanation, she retrains your brain so that you are able to see your own possibilities. And for this, she does not need a horse—only your attention. As audiences at the Aspen Institute, The World Innovation Convention, and elsewhere have discovered, what follows is amazement. Understanding. Vision. Recognition. And purpose. Lisa Arie also points out that she was her own first beta test. Which means that she not only walks the walk but—with razor-sharp direction-- leads you step by step to your own awakening. The upside is that when you become a better, more advanced human being, you also become a better leader. While her focus is on C-suite executives and entrepreneurs, all you really have to be is someone who wants to do something good with your life. (Her customized public experiences are sold-out events.) Lisa Arie awakens the secret that sleeps inside each one of us. Will you be next?