Ladd Everitt

Director, One Pulse for America

Ladd Everitt is the Director of One Pulse for America, a gun violence prevention group founded by actor and activist George Takei and Team Takei in response to the mass shooting in an LGBTQ club in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. One Pulse for America is an action-oriented group dedicated to closing the "Passion Gap" with pro-gun activists; thereby obtaining life-saving reforms in Congress, state and local legislatures. Prior to this, Ladd served as the Director of Communications of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence from 2006-2016. He has also served in a volunteer capacity with the D.C. Crisis Response Team, a group which offered comfort, support and referral services to victims and survivors of homicide in the District of Columbia. Ladd got his start in the gun violence prevention movement with the D.C. Chapter of the Million Mom March, where he served as President from 2002-2007. Ladd relocated to the District of Columbia from New York in September 1993 to obtain a Masters degree in U.S. Foreign Policy at American University.