Larry Cohen

Founder and Executive Director, Prevention Institute

Larry Cohen is founder and Executive Director of Prevention Institute, a national nonprofit that has helped to shape the way that the country thinks about health and prevention: improving community conditions and taking action to support health, safety, and equity in the first place. Larry helped catalyze the nation’s first multicity no-smoking laws; define violence as a preventable public health issue; advance chronic disease prevention through physical activity and healthy eating; incorporate a focus on prevention as part of national health reform; and promote better understanding of the underlying community factors that lead to illness, injury, and health inequities. Larry’s new book, Prevention Diaries: The Practice and Pursuit of Health for All, reveals the unexpected (yet foreseeable) parts of daily life that shape our health. It tells the story of a movement to remake our communities to support health and equity and amplifies the critical need for prevention as our most transformational tool.