Latia Leigh


I am currently an Instructional Teacher. I enjoy being in the classroom but I love being able to create more than anything. Whether it’s writing or designing, it never feels like work. I am currently writing my first book as as well other projects . I see myself writing on a huge platform such as film and television. It would be more than a dream to see my work on T.V and the big screen. My art is my baby. I'm protective of it. I never want to present just anything to the universe. I am very analytical and detailed so, I put lots of energy into my work. For example, when I'm sketching a design, I look for inspiration, come up with strategies for advertising, the commercials, print ads and the models I'd like to use, their hair, make-up and poses I want them in are all major factors. My joy comes from uplifting black women and girls. I have assisted many with resume writing workshops, self esteem building, decision making, goal planning, meditation and spiritual guidance, benefits of celibacy, and hygiene and beauty. Dr. Maya Angelou said “when we learn, teach”, and through use of my own life experiences and other tools; my goal is to teach as many woman and young girls as possible.