Laura Campbell

Founder, Laura W Campbell

Laura is the CEO of Laura W. Campbell Enterprises, where she guides women to intentionally create the life they desire and the love they deserve.

Today’s women lead busy, full and often complex lives and often struggle silently feeling unfulfilled and wanting more. Laura allows women to not only believe that what they want is possible, but gives them the skills, tools, confidence and courage to go out and get it.

Laura knows that deep down inside many women, in the space of full wisdom, they know there is a bigger, more authentic version of who they are ready to emerge into the world. But they have to stop hiding behind the person everyone else wants them to be in order to find her.

Her passion and true life purpose is to support women on their journey to create the life desire, and the love they deserve. Her unique model is a cocktail of coach, relationship & divorce expert, strategist and master of intentional living, and combines her M.B.A. in strategic planning, her Certification as a Life and Career Coach, her training through the Anthony Robbins Institute, her experience and her personality.